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How to Pet Proof Your Property


Allowing guests to bring their beloved pets along with them on holiday is a fantastic way to broaden the appeal of your property and increase your rental income. However, in order to be able to accommodate animals, you need to do a little work to your holiday let to pet proof the property and prepare for four-legged guests.


Create a dog friendly space


Although most holidaymakers will bring their own dog beds and bowls, it’s always a good idea to provide extras just in case. Having a few dog friendly accessories and creating a space that’s dedicated to dogs will help family pets to feel at home and reassure guests that their loyal companions are welcome.


Consider hard floors in the living areas


Hard floors are perfect for pet-friendly properties as they make it easier for you to remove dog and cat hair and keep the holiday home clean. Carpets on the other hand tend to trap hair and dirt, making your property appear less clean and potentially harbouring harmful allergens that could cause other guests problems.


Consider furniture fabrics that are resilient and easy to clean


As well as pet proofing your floors, you’ll need to pet proof your furnishings. Cats often scratch at sofas and chairs while dirty dogs can jump on your furnishings causing stains and marks. Investing in tough and resilient fabrics will help to make your rental property easier to clean and will help to ensure your furnishings stay in good condition for longer.


Plug in air fresheners


Although allowing pets in your property can be good for business, you need to ensure your holiday let doesn’t look or smell too doggy if you want to appeal to non-pet owners as well. Investing in good quality plug in air fresheners will help to ensure your holiday let smells great no matter how many pooches are staying. Use fresheners that plug directly into the wall and release their scent periodically for best results.




As well as ensuring your four-legged guests are comfortable during their stay, you need to make sure they’re safe. One of the most important steps you can take to prevent escapes and keep dogs out of trouble is to build a fence around your outside space and fully enclose your garden. Make sure the fence is tall enough to prevent agile dogs leaping over the top and sink it into the ground to stop determined pooches from digging their way out.


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